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Medical Records Specialist Career Information

Careers in the medical records specialist fields have been predicted to grow upwards of 20% over the next 10years. There is no faster growing industry than the health care industry in the USA today and this is why more and more people are beginning to turn towards health care related positions for their prospective long term career choices.

Salaries will begin and continue to rise over the next few years as medical records specialists become more in demand. With this being said, allow us to outline the basic job description of this career position as well as the responsibilities associated with this position.

The Main Focus Of A Records Specialist

The main focus of a medical records specialist is to maintain the accuracy of any given patient’s file and record. This includes keeping diligent reports regarding test results, upcoming procedures, doctor’s notes, x-rays, prescriptions, allergies, emergency information and so on.

All this information needs to be accurate and up to date on a day-to-day basis in order for health care professionals to provide the patients with adequate and accurate health care. Therefore the job and responsibilities of a medical records specialist are very important and should be taken extremely seriously. Although you have no direct contact with the patients, you do play a major role in the care they will receive.

The Training And Education

Now, let’s talk about training and educational resources that can help put you ahead of your fellow applicants when a job comes up near you. At the very least in order to be considered for a medical records specialist you need to have an associate degree in health data standards, or anatomy coursework, medical terminology or data analysis to name a few.

Each and every or any of the degrees listed above can help you become a finalist for that next job opening. In addition to this if you are knowledgeable in the fields of physics and biology you are again drawing more positive attention your way.

Cancer Registrars Careers As A Medical Specialist

If you are looking for a specific medical records specialist position, cancer registrars are often medical records specialists. This career allows you to work closely with cancer research and even put you right in the middle of progress.

As a records specialist you will be assigned to adding codes to different cancer diagnosis and treatment options. In order to make it to this specific area of record logging you must take a number of different qualification tests and exams in addition to your base training mentioned above.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the average salary for a medical records specialist is $30,000; remember this is an average. This is not to say you won’t find a medical records clerk position that offers higher or lower; it really depends on the size of the institution you are trying to work for.

Larger institutions such as hospitals may actually offer less because they have so many people do the exact same job but you have a higher chance of getting hired. Where a private clinic may offer a higher salary but with only 1 or 2 positions available it is harder to obtain these positions.